Slam Poetry for Everyone!

We often read poetry and perhaps write poetry in different formats. But there is a joy to reading poetry out loud, and to create this kind of poetry is a different kind of writing. In this class we will listen to slam poetry videos, talk about what defines poetry meant to be performed, and how the visual performance is part of the power of the words.

Slam Poetry for Everyone! on Outschool.

Components of the four weeks: (While there will be some amount of going through these parts in order, we will also be circling back around at times as they are all intertwined.)

– We will watch videos of slam poetry, read examples of the poetry on the page, and talk about the difference. What makes performance poetry so gripping?

We will start shaping our poetry, talking about what subjects are important for learners to write about.

We will talk about our poems, what is working and what is not, and give each other suggestions about what can make it the strongest piece possible.

We will perform our pieces, (if we choose to – it is not required! Sometimes it might not be the right time to read it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t write poetry made to perform) and talk about how to continue on with our writing and performance.