Analyze a Short Story - For Fun!

Even the most avid readers can struggle with the skill of analyzing a work of fiction and then being able to discuss it. In this two-week class, we will spend the first week discussing how to analyze fiction. We will talk about components including characterization, themes, plot, setting, point of view, imagery, voice, style, tone, and symbolism. We will work through the roadblocks that make analyzing fiction intimidating and talk about ways to make it enjoyable.

Analyze a Short Story – For Fun! on Outschool.

Between classes students will either read a story from a provided list of short-story links, or a short story of their own choosing, and think about the different aspects we discussed in class. They will then use the provided worksheet to make notes on what they have found, preparing for the following class.

In the second week, learners will talk about the piece they have read, sharing with the other learners their experience of really examining the piece, as well as what they learned from the process.