Find Find Writing Short Bites – Summer Writing Camp for Ages 14-18 on Outschool.

For many authors, starting a new story can be a little bit daunting. For others, sometimes learning a specific part of putting together a story can be daunting. And, for others, sometimes wrapping up a piece can be daunting. In this summer camp we will dive right in and start a new piece, and each following day learn about an apply a specific part of story writing. Finally, we will wrap it all up at the end and have a short piece that is built of all the individual components. (Note: because these stories will be written for the first time, they will be what is known as a “rough draft.” This means that they will not be perfectly finished stories, but they will be perfect stories for you to keep working on.)

What we will talk about week by week:

Week One: Getting started
Day one: Getting that first word onto the page
Day two: Characterization
Day three: Setting.

Week Two: Fleshing it out
Day one: POV
Day two: Plot
Day three: Action scenes

Week Three: Wrapping it up
Day one: Dialogue
Day two: The hook
Day three: Getting the last word written down

After each day students will be expected to work on their piece, applying what they learned in the day’s class. Pieces can be sent to teacher for short feedback each day along the way. At the end of the class each student will have the rough draft of the short work written.