Story Not Working? Let's Cut It Up!

Do you have a story you have been working on that just isn’t falling into place? Does it feel like the plot isn’t working, or that nothing is flowing like it should be? Are you about ready to give up on it? In this three-week class, learners will cut up a story that they are stuck on, then use a variety of techniques to restructure it and make it stronger.


Story Not Working? Let’s Cut It Up! on Outschool.

Week one: The first cut. After the process is done in class, learners revise the story for the following class.

Week two: Learners will again cut their story and revise for the next class.

Week three: Learners will talk about their work, and what they have learned from the class. Learners will also share what they have done to make their story stronger, and how they will use the process in the future.