Find Scary World or Fairy World: Crafting Vivid Settings for Ages 11-15 on Outschool.

Everybody likes to be able to visualize the world they are reading about, so in this class we will learn how to make your settings pop off of the page.

Everyone knows that a setting is the time, place, environment and details of where your story takes place. However, writers can’t just tell their reader they are in a different world, they have to show their reader what it looks like. Readers need to feel, smell, see, hear, and even taste the world they are in in order to really become immersed.

So. What will we talk about? A big part of setting is to show, don’t tell. – What scents are in the air? – What can be heard? – What can be felt? – What can be tasted? – What can be seen?

Most people know this, right? So in this class we are going to talk about how to use these details to make our setting POP – without overwhelming the reader!