Find Polishing and Publishing Short Bites – Summer Intensive Ages 14-18 on Outschool.

For many authors, seeing their work in print can mean they’ve accomplished a major goal. In this summer intensive learners will learn to both revise a piece for publication and learn how to research and submit to a market. Each work we will work on one piece for the entire week, from reviewing to revising to submitting. Learners can choose to work on flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and/or essays, as well as alternate between them.

Each week will follow the same format:

Day one: The first class of each week will have a semi-workshop structure. Learners will be expected to have turned in a current piece of work, up to five pages (or 1250 words), to the teacher before class. We will talk about what is necessary for a piece to be polished enough for submission, and what challenges individual students are having with their current work. Learners will brainstorm ideas to help other students with their writing problems, as well as provide support for one another. The teacher will also provide short feedback on pieces brought in each week.

Day two: Learners will be expected to have revised the piece they worked on for day one, and can choose to send the revision to the teacher for short feedback. We will talk about how learners resolved the issues they were having, and how the revision process works. Learners will brainstorm lists of what kinds of markets would be appropriate for their piece, and we will discuss the submission process.

Day three: The third class will be devoted to learning how to research markets. Together we will look at a list of markets provided by the teacher, and pick a couple to research. Students will use several checklists to evaluate each market to see it if is worth submitting to, to find out how the market works, and how to submit to it. They will also study each market to evaluate if it would be a good fit for their piece.

Each of the following two weeks will follow the same format. Learners can choose to work on the same piece throughout the entire camp, choose to work on one piece for two weeks, and a second piece for the third, or work on a new piece for each of the weeks. Outside of the sessions learners will be expected to have a piece they are working on to bring to each class. While the act of submitting will not be done in class, all students will be equipped with the knowledge of whether a market is good for the particular piece they are working on, and understand the mechanics of submitting.

Note: This is a good class for teens who have experience writing and revising, and have work they would like to polish and submit. We will not be discussing the basics of creative writing as it will be assumed that learners will already have mastered that information. I will be offering a fundamentals intensive for those who are looking to learn all of the components of fiction writing.