Find Piecing Together Great Characters for Ages 14-18 on Outschool.

The first thing most people think of when they are talking about a story is the characters who are in it. You can have a great setup, but without someone for the reader to care about, they are not going to go very far into the story.

So what will we be talking about when buildings our characters? Things like:

– While most people think of characters as people, animals can be the characters as well, and things can also be characters, like a house that tells the story of the people who lived in it.

– Physical or mental details, information on background, history or social and economic status, grooming habits and mannerisms.

– By describing the character: physically; comparing them to other people, animals, or things; comparing the character to their surroundings, from other characters‘ points of view; and more.


– As people are neither all good, nor all bad, and neither are your characters. How can you make sure they have a balance of both?

By the end of class each learner will have learned how to create fully developed characters for their stories, as well as a fleshed-out character that they can use in future works.