Ongoing Queer/LGBTQ+ News, Events, and Culture

For this ongoing weekly discussion group we will talk about the current week’s queer news, including political, entertainment, legal, and other subjects. While often there are a lot more things going on than we can conceivably cover, we will try to tackle as many as possible!

Ongoing Queer/LGBTQ+ News, Events, and Culture on Outschool.

Each week news will be complied from different subjects. These can include:

– Politics, including current bills, protests, lawmakers, and court decisions
– Entertainment, including television shows, movies, actors, singers, authors, and entertainers
– Current social events, outrages, and movements

Before each session a small list of current events will be created and posted in the classroom with links to information about each one. Learners will also be able to bring up their own events they have learned about and researched.

In our discussions we will talk about the impact each event will have on the social, legal, public, and personal worlds for queer people. While most topics can be addressed, conversations will be guided to stay on-topic and appropriate.

We will also talk about things that make being queer awesome, and things that happen in our week that makes us happy!

NOTE: When discussing events we will also be validating and checking our information to ensue that what we have is an accurate pictures of what is going on, and we will verify that our information is correct before discussing it. Websites used will be based on accuracy in their reporting, with some covering the news angle, and some covering the social angle.

Sites we will use are not limited to but will include:
– Local TV and newspaper websites to track down news sources
– If it involves a celebrity’s coming out we will find their own statements and announcements, rather than relying on secondary sources.

All topics brought up to the weekly discussion will either be pre-vetted and then reverified in class, or if it is a topic a learner brings up we will vet it together, with a focus on making sure we have accurate information before taking it as fact.