Find Let’s Talk About Point of View – Third Person for Ages 11-15 on Outschool.

Point of View, often abbreviated as P.O.V., is the voice in which a story is told. In this class we will talk about what third person is and how it works.

All stories are told from someone, or something’s point of view. There are three ways of doing this, known as first, second, and third person.

In this class we will talk about third person point of view. This is the most commonly used point of view, because you can choose to know what the main character is thinking, or you choose watch everything like an eye in the sky. We will discuss the three kinds of third person point of view, and the best way to use each one. We will also talk about what makes a third person viewpoint work, and what kind of story it works best for.

By the end of this class, learners will have a grasp on what third person point of view is, and how to use it in their work.