Find Drawing the Mirror World into Our Words: Writing the Fantastical Ages 11-15 on Outschool.

Have you ever looked into a mirror, and thought that everything you see is the same as the world you were in? And then, you look a little closer, and everything is just a little bit off? Just enough to make your stomach slightly woozy? And do you wonder if everyone else sees the “offness” too? Like Alice in Wonderland did? Have you ever wondered how much of a slight change you could make to your reality before someone else noticed?

We are going to bring the sense that, while everything looks normal, it is just slightly off, to our writing. We are going to push the boundaries of normal in our stories enough to make our characters wonder if they are imagining things – and our readers too. We are going to cross the line between “Normal” world writing – and the fantastical!