Beating Writer's Block With Weekly Write-Ins

Learning to make up stories in your head, and being able to write them down, can be challenging, Even experienced writers get writer’s block or have trouble in starting a new piece. For newer authors sometimes these blocks feel permanent.

Beating Writer’s Block With Weekly Write-Ins for Ages 11-15 on Outschool.

Beating Writer’s Block With Weekly Write-Ins for Ages 14-18 on Outschool.

Much like my one-time session, in this ongoing workshop learners are going to play with words, put ideas together in amusing ways, complete exercises, and bring writing into a format that is easy to access. Students will learn and practice new skills to add to their writing toolboxes, grow their confidence, and practice starting, continuing and completing pieces. While the focus will not be on completing fully-fleshed out works, we will be breaking down mental barriers, and learning to enjoy putting pen to paper or fingers to keys while working on whichever piece they choose to that week.