Find Find Beating Writer’s Block and Other Blocks: Learning to Start and Love Writing for Ages 11-15 on Outschool.

Starting creative works, such as stories, poetry, and creative essays can be intimidating, especially for new writers. This class will help to give students the skills and tools to feel confident in learning how to write down their ideas.

Learning to make up stories in your head, and being able to write them down, can be challenging, and even experienced writers get writer’s block, or have trouble in starting a new piece. In this class, learners are going to play with words, put ideas together in amusing ways, and bring writing into a format that is easy to access. While we won’t be turning out fully fleshed out works in this one-time class, we will be breaking down mental barriers, and learning to enjoy simply putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys.

Note: As there is not a specific written output for this class, students are welcome to repeat it in order to keep working on writer’s block, writing frustration, or even writing intimidation. The goal is to make writing accessible – and enjoyable.