Find Action Stories . . . Without Talking? Ages 11-15 on Outschool.

In this two week class for learners 11-15, students will learn how to write action scenes without relying on dialogue.

Learners are going to write a full scene, with a beginning, middle and end, without allowing the characters to talk. Maybe they are in the middle of a blizzard and all they hear is the snow? Or, maybe they are underwater and they would drown if they tried to talk? Perhaps a fairy has stolen all of their voices? Or maybe a nasty sorcerer has cast a spell on them where all they can do is flap their mouth like a fish when they try to talk!

The first week we will talk about why dialogue is important in stories, and how it helps to move the plot. We will also talk about other ways we can convey information between characters. Each student will come up with a short scene outline without dialogue, which they will then finish as a one-page scene over the week, and email to the teacher before the following class.

The second week we will read the scenes that the students have written, talk about what skills and senses have been used, and what we did to make them effective.