About Val


My name is Val, and it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m an editor, publisher, educator, and, of course, a voracious writer and reader, particularly in the scifi, fantasy, and mainstream genres. I love teaching, and watching as students become immersed in what they are reading or creating is a huge reward.

I have a long history of interacting with writing and literature, with a BA in journalism, and an MFA in creative writing. A big focus of mine is bringing to the forefront underrepresented voices in fiction, both as authors and as readers. I’ve had a number of my fiction, nonfiction, and poetry works published over the years, I have been editor-in-chief of a literary magazine since 2013, and I also work as an independent literary editor.

For several years I taught a variety of writing and literature classes to homeschooled teenagers, and of all the ages I have taught I think they might have been my favorite. I enjoy watching as my students grasp new concepts or find just the right word for their piece. While each class will have a common goal, I am keenly aware that all students gain mastery of their skills at different rates, and for this reason my classes are all designed to work with different styles of learning. For Outschool I will be offering a variety of classes in writing, literature, graphic novels, editing, and publishing, as well as the occasional related class.

I live and breathe the literary world, and I look forward to teaching you!

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